Research & Insights

Looking for the latest research and industry data about the Adelaide Hills visitor economy? The following reports and statistics provide the data the tourism industry and Adelaide Hills Tourism need to make evidence-based business, policy and marketing decisions - from visitor profiles and trends, to the economic impact of tourism.

  • The Value of Tourism in the Adelaide Hills - infographic of key data including visitor expenditure, visitor numbers, employment

  • Adelaide Hills Regional Tourism Profile - visitor numbers and behaviour, (including origin, demographics and activities) accommodation supply

  • The Regional Tourism Satellite Accounts provide information on the importance of tourism for each of Australia's tourism regions. It is published annually and provides measures of Tourism Gross Value Added, Tourism Gross Domestic Product, tourism employment and tourism trade. This enables the regions, government and industry to compare the value of tourism with other industries in the economy and against other regions.

  • Tourism in Local Government Areas (Tourism Research Australia)

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